Gnuplot image

More impressive images to come.

It turns out this post has been getting hits. In case you want to know how to make gnuplot output images, here is my recipie:

set term png small size 500, 500
set xrange[0:50]
set output "output_file_name.png"
plot "my_input_data" using 3:6 title "hello gnuplot image"

This creates a 500px square image (I think the “small” might be redundant having specified the size), with an x axis range of 50, using columns 3 and 6 of a tab delimited ascii source file.

I thoroughly recommend the following gnuplot infrequently asked questions. It contains instructions for doing both normal, and unusual things in gnuplot, in particular how to use a shell script with sed and awk to automate the plotting of an arbitrary number of images.


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