Splash and PGPLOT

I’m trying out what looks like pretty neat software for producing SPH plots. It’s called SPLASH

It doesn’t seem to want to link with the PGPLOT libraries that come with Ubuntu, so I am attempting to compile my own PGplot libraries. Very clear instructions for making PGPlot

My installation process was:

  • Install g95 – this will be used to compile PGPLOT and SPLASH with it, as suggested in the SPLASH documentation.
  • First hitch:
    make: *** No rule to make target `png.h', needed by `pndriv.o'. Stop.

    (solution lifted from http://search.cpan.org/~csoe/PDL-2.4.3/Basic/Pod/FAQ.pod)

    To fix this, find the line in the ‘makefile’ that starts with ‘pndriv.o:’ (it’s near the bottom). Change, for example, ./png.h to /usr/include/png.h, if that is where your header files are (you do have the libpng and libz devel packages, don’t you?). Do this for all four entries on that line, then go back and run make.

  • Now edit the relevant lines in the splash makefile. Where I have /usr/local/pgplot you should enter the directory in which you just built PGPLOT

    PGPLOT_DIR = /usr/local/pgplot
    # change the line below depending on where/how you have installed PGPLOT
    # (some settings of the SYSTEM variable for specific machines overwrite this)
    PGPLOTLIBS = -L$(PGPLOT_DIR) -lpgplot -lg2c -lpng


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  2. kris said

    Thank you! I just migrated from Mac to Ubuntu, and found GIF driver not working anymore. MIgrated to PNG. Thanks!!

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