Intel fortran compiler on Ubuntu

I reinstalled dash. The promise of faster startup time was too good. I’m still a little miffed at the dev’s decision to make my life harder, but I might as well make the best of it.

To make sure ifort will still work, you need to make sure the files ifort, and use #!/bin/bash, otherwise you get a cryptic error message when you call ifort.



  1. Samed Isler said

    fortran user

  2. ethem said

    hi thanks

  3. Samed Isler said

    for ubuntu I need to have fortran compiler. normally in windows xp i have no problem about it on the other hand
    in unix i coulndt run my algorithms. is intel fortran compiler progressed for ubuntu?

  4. ac12 said

    I use gfortran on ubuntu these days. I don’t notice much decrease in performance compared to the intel compiler. I’m pretty sure it’s available via the pacakge manager: try apt-get gfortran

  5. I am working on intel fortran compiler and salford fortran compiler. nowadays I have ubuntu in my pc. and it only supports gfortran compiler. can anybody give me a link for reaching it.?
    Samed Isler

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