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Hansen – climate change and trace gases. Any critiques?

Climate change and trace gases
Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A
Pages: 1925–1954
Volume 365, Number 1856 / July 15, 2007
James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Pushker Kharecha, Gary Russell, David W. Lea and Mark Siddall

This paper’s conclusions are quite alarming. Has anyone critised or attacked it? And do the criticisms hold water?


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Calling quad on functions of multiple variables

You need to create a temporary anonymous function. Say for example I want to integrate my kernel function.

quad( @(r) kernel(r,5, -10,10) )

This tells octave to intergrate the kernel function between 10 and minus 10, over the variable r, with the second argument set to 5.

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The war on entropy

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I hate to give these people even negligible additional exposure. The recent screening of Durkin film on ABC here in Oz had me running a few searches and reading a few random pieces on, and by this mob.

So, taking it as well understood that they are dishonest, closed, malicious, scientifically ignorant (at least in public) – the question is do they have any principles at all?

Their “manifesto” site is an interesting read. Targetted at young people, it has a well written, and somewhat stirring manifesto, about “human centrism”, experimentation and striving to reach our potential. In my reading, philosophically it’s reasonable enlightenment principles gone off the deep end.

Incidentally, I think the ABC handled the screening rather well – it was followed by an interview of Durkin by ABC journalist Tony Jones in which he points out several of the films more obvious obfuscations, and makes Durkin look decidedly shifty. Subsequent to this a panel a discussion was held, in which Dr David Karoly effortlessly destroyed each and every denialist claim made. Good stuff, especially the psycho La Rouchite audience comments at the end.

A Bureau of Meteorology Critique of the film

Have to admit I’m subscribed to the Spiked RSS feed, and I do read a handful of their articles. I find them philosophically interesting, but I also find scant respect for evidence based science – they are more interested in the ideological character of, for example, the green movement, than in rationally examining questions around pollution, climate change, biodiversity.

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Study claims organic farming yields are fine

An article in the Cambrdige University Press Journal Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems argues that yields from organic farming methods in the developing world are higher than conventional farming techniques.

I’ve not read the article, as RMIT is not subscribed to it, but New Scientist has a write up

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Setting the path in octave under windows

Unfortunately there are times we are forced to work on Windows machines.

C:\Program Files\Octave_\share\octave\2.9.13\m\startup

Add the line addpath(genpath("H:/masters/dev/matlab")); To the file octaverc

Old instructions for octave 2.1

The octaverc file in the default 2.1.73 installation is in
C:\Program Files\GNU Octave 2.1.73\usr\share\octave\2.1.73\m\startup

To the file, add the line

Note that octave will take longer to start up while it indexes the contents of all the subfolders of the directory. The // on the end means to add all subdirectories to the path.

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Formation of an SPH droplet

Using a Van der Waals equation of state, with smoothing lengths 5 for the repulsive component and 10 for the attractive component, 900 particles initially on a lattice form a circular droplet.




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