Drag and drop images for Tiddlywiki (no solution)

UPDATE: I am not aware of a simple solution to drag and drop images into tiddlywiki that will result in links, and not embedded files. Please enlighten me!
I’ve been using a Tiddlywiki as my electron notebook – so far so good. However, it’s been annoying have to type/cut and paste or otherwise do work to insert images.

Behold TiddlyTools”.

The process of import Tiddlywiki plugins is straightforward, but not obvious – make sure you’ve backed up before you start playing with it. This is how I imported AttachFilePackage.

  1. Navigate to the TiddlyTools page and work out what plugins/packages you want. Sadly I have not figured out yet how to import packages in one operation.
  2. Find a link to the main TiddlyTools, and use right-click save as to save the file
  3. Open the local copy of TiddlyTools
  4. Open your tiddlywiki in another tab, and choose import from the backstage menu
  5. Enter the location of the file you just downloaded, and follow the prompts
  6. This is where I think I missed something – I manually checked all the individual plugins comprising the package. It’s not that much extra work
  7. Note that if you want the attach menu to appear backstage you’ll need the backstage package too

And there you have it – one upgraded Tiddlywiki!

err, I should point out that this doesn’t work in Firefox on Ubuntu. Grrrrr

The other drawback is that it saves the image in the file itself – leading to rapid bloat of your Tiddlywiki.



  1. Quyen Nguyen said

    You did not specify which package allow drag and drop of images. I tried to look for the AttachFilePackage but it’s not there. Can you help me please?

    Thank you.

    • ac12 said

      Go to tiddlytools.com and search for ‘attach file’. I actually don’t use this plugin anymore because it leads to your tiddlywiki file becoming larger and larger… They may have added functionality since I last look (maybe a year or two ago) to make a simple href link via drag and drop.

  2. BudhaBar said

    Can i know if u solved the trobule ? How are u adding images / thumbnails to your tiddly ?

    • ac12 said

      I try not to add images. If I must, I use html in the text of the tiddler:

      This is tedious, which is why I wanted a drag and drop solution in the first place.

  3. Justin said

    I started using Tiddlywiki today. This post was helpful because it wasn’t obvious to me that I have to import ALL the attachfileplugin tiddlers. Thanks for that.

    I also should point out that the current version of the attachfileplugin doesn’t require you to embed file data, so your images can exist locally or somewhere on the web. I intend to develop my own file hierarchy within the folder where I keep Tiddlywiki and store my images there.

    • ac12 said

      awesome I will take another look at the plugin :)

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