Gutsy upgrade

Looking to upgrade the notebook to gutsy this weekend – backing everything up first.

Testing it out on the second desktop machine first. I’m keeping a record of everything I need to do to get a working system up and running:

  1. Set it up to accept remote X connections
  2. Install fortran compiler – gfortran using apt-get
  3. Install most recent gnuplot – again just with apt-get
  4. Install splash
  5. Set up a cvs/svn repository for all my code/tex
  6. Make sense of the massive archive/backup collection
  7. Install most recent Octave
  8. Install IDL clone
  9. Check opengl code, and if it’s broken, set up opengl drivers, etc

I’m working in a new job at the moment, so I want to see how much of this I can do remotely with an X session. I’m going to make seperate posts for each item, and link to them from here. I’ve been lazy configuring the laptop, and a lot of my apps are just installed in my home directory.


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