Addin the gvim minibufexplorer plugin

I’m a Vim man these days. It just makes it a bit easier to get up and editing on new systems quickly. The one thing I don’t like, it that it doesn’t behave like a “proper” IDE with a list of open files in one window. Seeings as my workplace is still using Vim 6, I can’t use one of the more actively modified (and apparently better) buffer managers, so I’ve gone with the lightweight minibufexplorer.

The first thing you’ll need to do, the thing that most of the documentation assumes you know how to do, is to create a vim plugin directory.

mkdir ~/.vim
mkdir ~/.vim/plugin

Then you can drop the script in there and mess around with all the options described at the site.



  1. drfindley said

    or you could always do a mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin

  2. imran said

    thanks a lot for the solution. I was trying without creating the folders you mentioned

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