I just discovered Raocow

This guy plays games and records a dialogue. He sounds wasted, might just be a tripped out personality. Check out his Crayon Physics video on dailymotion.

edit: Thanks to the folks below for pointing out that in fact Raocow does not need to use psychoactives to make trippy videos, and apologies for any offense.



  1. Matthew Rohde said

    Raocow doesn’t play wasted – in fact, he’s a teetotaller, so it’s unlikely he does any drugs. He’s just a bit crazy, and this is amplified by the fact that English is not his first language (he’s Québécois). He has a discussion thread at forums.somethingawful.com, in the “Let’s Play” subforum of the Games forum – it’s called the Rest Area Cookbook currently, or something like that. There’s also a big database somewhere in there of all of his old videos – he mostly plays hacks of Super Mario World, but occasionally does other stuff.

  2. John Reighner said

    Not only is he a teetotaler, as Matt mentioned, but he has also stated in a few of his videos that he is straight edge, so drugs are definitely out as well (unless something changed since then). He’s just a happy, zany guy who likes to entertain people.

    You can find a complete list of his Super Mario World romhack videos at http://sartak.org/misc/raocow.html. He has done a few other non-SMW “Let’s Play” videos which are not included in that list, but you can find them by searching through his DailyMotion (and possibly Google) videos.

  3. ac12 said

    I stand corrected. I’ll edit the original post. Wow, it looks like putting the name of an internet celebrity in blog post titles generates traffic. I should actually get off my arse and link to crayon physics.

  4. Brandon said

    Raocow is awesome! His videos are always chock full of humorous happenings!

    They make me laugh.

  5. B said

    This post is the second result on Google when searching for “raocow,” so you should probably put a bit more information in your post just for those people who randomly Google and blindly click on links.

  6. I’m a flaming gay man.

  7. Kamelona said

    ^ :D

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