Particle dynamics – choosing a viewer

Pylab’s Matplotlib is easy to use, and does a good enough job. However, pyglet sounds amazing. It’s designed as a game engine, but IMO that makes it well suited to an SPH exploratory program.

Now, there is no need to have only one viewer, but in my experience it is a headache to try to integrate more than one windowing/gui system with a model. I’m open to the idea if it turns out no one system will do everything. So, I give you the requirements for the application’s windowing/display system:

  1. Easy way to save animation as a movie
  2. Fast enough in real time that the overhead is negligible compared to number crunching of particle interactions
  3. Supported
  4. Free, open source
  5. Supports 3D, and advanced 2D
  6. Scientific plotting capabilities
  7. Minimal need for OS/gui framework specific code

And the candidates:

  • Matplotlib (pylab). Requires choosing a backend: GTK, Tk, Wx?
  • Pyglet
  • Tk
  • Some combination of the above

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