The Bayesians

It looks like the Bayesians are the cool gang these days. My interest in philosophy of science has it appears been largely historical, and I was unaware that there were serious claims that not only had inductive logic been saved, it has been absorbed (digested?) into the new Bayesian framework.

I suppose I would describe my current philosophical bent as a dynamicist (modeller, if you like). I’m somewhat suspicious about the (somewhat) new philosophy of probability and its apparent ascendency. That said, Prigogine makes some compelling arguments in The End of Certainty, and there is no escaping that our predictions of complex systems are invariably statistical in nature.

Update: Wow. There is a whole philosophical current of modern science that I somehow managed to miss. I can’t avoid all responsibility, but the academy must share it. I’m reading Jaynes now – the best thing about his writing is the style is engaging and plain spoken – truly a pleasure to read.


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