Anatomy of a Spiked Piece

Environmentalists are joyless misanthropists. There is no environmental crisis, well maybe there is but we can solve it with tech. And factories, with workers in them, who the environmentalists hate, because they want everyone to live in caves and only eat fallen fruit.

One one level I get it. On another, I don’t. These guys believe more deeply in the creative power of capitalist development than most normal free marketeers. Their philosophical lineage is obvious from their writing, unlike a lot of the left they have not capitulated or tried to absorb green philosophy, in fact their main motivation these days seems to be avoid ‘green contamination’ which makes them look a lot like literate la Rouchies.

It’s all polemic, and its not about the evidence. At least they don’t try to be all ‘I am science’ like many in the OB crowd who have elevated Bayes theorem to a universal philosophy. Not that I’m against bayesian approaches. Hey, maybe when I finish reading about how Jayne’s proposes to build his robot I’ll be a convert. Let’s just say my prior is biased to the skeptical side of probability space.


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