Wolfram Alpha

The man who created a new kind of science has been busy secretly creating a new kind of google! Google ‘Wolfram Alpha’ for more details.

Reading up on this led me to find a currently existing natural language search engine, start. Unfortunately it is not wordly enough to answer the important questions that come up in life:

===> which is stronger, leaf or hash?

Sorry, no one has told me if Leaf is stronger than Hash.

===> Which is more fun, oral or anal?

Unfortunately, I don’t have this information.

===> How many hours do I need to play WoW to win?

I don’t know the answer.

===> Is handwashing important for good hygiene?

I am sorry to say I don’t know whether or not Handwashing is important for good Hygiene.

I hope Wolfram’s team of geeks have been a bit more liberal in populating their database.


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