Update macpython

So my current version is 2.5.2. I need version 2.6 for a simple UI kit I want to use with my python sph code. There also appears to be a python 3.0 there but I am not sure if the time is right yet. So for now I will be conservatively installing 2.6.

Step 1: Hit the python website and download the package.

Step 2. Run the installer and answer the prompts. By default it pops in the the Frameworks folder next to 2.5

Step 3. Run something. The something I ran used pyglet, numpy, scipy and probably a few other modules. Hey it worked!

Step 4. Have a poke about – of course there is nothing in the 2.6 site-packages directory. Of course my python path has the 2.5 directory in it. I suspect I will need to rebuild scipy et al for 2.6 eventually.

Step 5: It turns out that new packages will install by default into 2.6. You will find that some things still only run on 2.5, to install a package to 2.5 just use python2.5 setup.py etc


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