Mayavi again

So, I’m simply going to download the Enthought Python Distribution. This is for my uni work, so the license is free. If it turns out Mayavi is the way to go, I can wrestle with building it.

I’ve had sucess in installing Mayavi, but can’t seem to get TVTK working.

I see three options

1. a second attempt at installing the ETS 2.7 mac binaries.

2. Install EPD and hope it works out of the box.

3. Learn to use VTK by itself already.


1. Failed, again with wx, this time not finding the right library

2. Trying this now

3. Maybe down the track.



  1. これおすすめっす!!


  2. Ionut said

    usually I am installing EPD and everything is working ok on my mac. It is a pain to install every package (matplotlib, scipy, numpy, vtk, maya, …). Maybe you can consider also Paraview as alternative to Mayavi.

    • ac said

      Yeah, I ended up going the EPD way, which worked out of the box and is great. It’s fine for this project, which is student work so the license is free.

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