Chuck Norrising Christopher Hitchens

From the comments on PZ Myer’s post about prayers for Hitchens. I filtered out the ones I thought were lame:

When Hitchens has a typo, the spelling changes to accommodate him.

Christopher Hitchens is not an alchoholic. He just appears drunk in every debate to give the other guy a fair chance.

Chuck Norris is on a mission to save the free world with uzis. Christopher Hitchens is on a mission to free the saved world. With a hangover.

Christopher Hitchens touched M.C Hammer. And then they deconverted.

When Cristopher Hitchens is rude, it’s because he’s too fucking awesome for courtesy.

The Bermuda Triangle is just the location where Cristopher Hitchens beat God in a debate. Sore loser, that dude.

(Thanks to Ing, Forbidden Snowflake and Keiranfoy,


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