Educause 2007 – eResearch

Attended my one and only day of educause today. Random thoughts and impressions follow:

Middleware, and the importance of it in enabling researchers who don’t have the skills to “build”, to be involved.

Emergence of electronic publishing as the ‘primary copy’ – ability to link to raw data etc. So many advantagesw over print.

Data storage – copies on CD, copies on desktop are neither sustainable nor maintainable. Central repositories (or institutional repositories).

IBM and HP computing infrastructure – what’s the name of the new processor with it’s set of ‘slave’ processors?

Funding regime in australia – NCRIS etc.

DART, ARCHER… attempts at producing eResearch middleware.

Scientific workflows, it’s all about data.

Expertise shortage, and coupled lack of career paths, formal positions for workers who straddle the ICT and science domain areas.

Data standards (data curation), annotation. Data publishing (to make public) seperate from journal publishing.

Interoperability of new MS office formats – xml, easy conversion between other open formats.


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